5 of the best Fashion enthusiasts to Follow on Instagram Now

The fashion industry today is still on the way towards growth worldwide. Last month, I made my first list of Instagram Sensations, which you can read HERE. The influencers that I studied this month are amazing women in their own right and getting to know them is truly worth the read.

Here is a list 5 of some of the best fashion enthusiasts to follow on Instagram this month, this week, tomorrow, today or better still, NOW. To follow this series from the beginning, you can check HERE and don't forget to follow these beautiful ladies.

How To Make a Basic Buttonup Shirt Look Effortless

Happy Sunday everyone!  If you absolutely love red and blue, then this pairing is for you. 

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Top :: Jet
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This is You, This is Beautiful.

5 Absolutely Awesome Bloggers to Follow on Instagram Now

The women's wear industry keeps growing worldwide and the influencer network is also growing as with the same speed. Yearly, we see a boom in the women's wear market and fashionistas as well as retailers all around the world are thrilled.

With all the buzz from the ongoing New York Fashion Week, I have compiled a list of some of our favorite as well as some upcoming enthusiasts to follow on Instagram. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the fun everyone is having, whether as a Blogger, Creative Director, Editor, Photographer, Stylist or just the regular person who just dresses really well? Follow these guys.

[VIDEO] How to Sew The Hem of a Pencil Skirt

Skirts are a staple piece of clothing that every woman owns. We all have them in different cuts and designs... From the Pencil and A-line skirts to the Asymmetric and Circle skirts, we can all proud say we own at least one of every design in many beautiful fabrics.

7 Valentine's Day Fashion Gift Ideas Under $100 for Her

"Put up your hands if you love to celebrate Valentine's Day!"
After we celebrate the beginning of the new year with our beloved friends and family, Valentine's Day soon creeps in and then we get to express our love and affection for these beloved people by giving them gifts. I know I have a long list of girlfriends to give gifts to but how about you?  What do you want to give to your loved ones?
Here are 7 awesome handmade items I picked from Etsy that will make great gifts for that dear girlfriend and guess what, they're all under $100. 

Picks | ZoiesCloset3's Reversible Boho Tank Top

ZoiesCloset3 Tank Top, $60, available at ZoiesCloset3

Like a lot of ladies, I've always liked the look of a loose boho cotton blouse and the feel of it against my skin. I recently found the perfect one and guess what, it's even reversible.

Beauty Hacks | Coca Cola Hair Rinse by Ellko [VIDEO]

What do you think about Hacks?
If you were to look up the word 'Hack' you'd find a lot of meanings. I don't know how it got into fashion but here it has a different meaning.
I love hacks because they're total life savers. There are different types of hacks like beauty and makeup hacks, and even clothing hacks.
This one is a Beauty Hack that involves a Coca Cola Rinse by Youtuber, Ellko. It was truly creative and pretty interesting.
Check it out.