June 4, 2017

A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Hey You!

At this very moment, I think I can guess what you're up to because I've been there already. You're younger than you should be in a life that's a few years ahead of you. I know you feel you shouldn't be there, but deep down you know you couldn't have been in a better place.

Your confidence is putting you below your capabilities and what no one has told you yet, is that you can do anything you want, as long as you set your mind to it. In a few years, you'll meet a very special friend who will finally give you the encouragement you need... so hang in there!

For you, school might seem challenging. If I had my way, you'll follow that passion we both know lies within you. But from where I stand, I know you won't do it. You should hold on tighter than you're doing. Hehehe... I also think you should read more!!!

Don't let the life you're going through in school discourage you. Be strong and remember that the most important relationship is with yourself. Get to know yourself more and spend time studying your strengths and weaknesses.

I know you want to go into a religious life. Your passion is to serve God. In the future, you'll lose this passion along the line. Don't let go of it... we both can use some guidance and friendship from God. You're not into many relationships and you seem to love being by yourself. I don't think its bad but you should do it with the right reasons in mind.

I can't wait to meet you in the next twelve years. You'll grow in beauty, strength, confidence and knowledge. Your life and career will take a turn that is unexpected to many around you but as always, we both know where you've always seen yourself.

Take care of you and know that you'll always have people who love and support you.

Warmest Regards,




  1. Oh, there is so many things I wish I'd say to my 15 year self... I guess I would also emphesise in this talk how important is loving yourself, fighting for yourself and not carying so much about what others say :)
    Happy Wednesday!

    1. It's really nice to know what you'd like to add on to such a post Anja. I . honestly agree with you regarding your contribution. I'd definitely say the say because I think it's really important to learn to love yourself from such an early stage in life. Great contribution :)

  2. Aw what a great idea! If I wrote a letter to my younger self, it would sounds something like this as well. :)

    -Emily www.coatandcoffee.com

    1. Thanks Emily for stopping by. I don't know if you write posts like this but I'd really love to read your take on a letter to your younger self. Hope you're doing well.


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