We're Changing Over

Hello Peeps!

It's been awhile since I posted but as usual, I have reasons. I had a few issues to handle including moving and settling in before coming back to you guys but I'm here with a surprise.

I'm changing the name of this blog. This had to be done because the clothing store and this blog started getting too many conflicts with regard to interest and so for me to be able to write about the things that interest me, this had to happen. 

So from today, this blog will no longer be Zoharous but rather BeeinStylish. The reason for this new name is... well... my name is Belinda and I figured that this name would work. Zoharous is now for the clothing store and we're getting a retail website for that... Wopwop!!! Please check out the site and remember to subscribe for information on launch dates, new arrivals, discounts and all the goodies.

Hope you guys like it and I hope you'll continue in the support.

As for social media, we'll be @beeinstylish everywhere.

Can't wait to kick in!

Let me know if you have any opinions and contributions. 


Stay Stylish


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