June 25, 2016

How to Live the Perfect Brablem-Free Life

Hello Beautiful People. 

Quick question for the ladies... Do you remember your first bra
For the dudes, do you know anything about a bra?

I don't remember my first bra but the feeling of wearing one for the first time does come back to me. There's this pride that came over me and left me feeling really confident. However, I can not forget the unconfortable feeling of a poorly fitted bra and believe me... it's terrible!

Thirdlove has these great tips that I wished I had back then. We're on the fight against the Perfect Bra-blem and I'm glad I have them now because I can share them with you guys and gals.

What are you loving about yourself today?

Let's get to know each other more. 

While you're at it, check out these gorgeous bras on Thirdlove and get 15% off any purchase you make using the code, BRABLEMS

Happy Weekend :)

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