October 25, 2015

The Best of October 2015

The month of October has been a great one... Jam packed with many activities and this post is intended to share some of my favorites things and experiences throughout the month of October. 

Thank you for sticking around. I hope you're have fun and appreciating the beauty of life.

Some of these things I'll mention are stuff that have literally helped me through the month of October - which was I saw to be a very short month - and for I loved it :-)

Favourite Song
This song is literally 2 days old and it's already a favorite. 

Hello by Adele, is the first track to be released from her third album, 25. Filmed in Montreal and Directed by Xavier Dolan, this song is simply amazing and guess who was in the video... Tristan Wilde - from 90210. 

You absolutely have to see this video! 

Favorite Dress

I got the fabric for this dress in my local market and even though I could have made the dress by myself, I wanted to get a dress made for myself. The intended style was a wrap dress but as you can see, she didn't get it 
All the same, I loved the style she invented for me and I'm going to do a Lookbook which will include this dress.

The best part is that this dress is really comfy :)

Favourite Game

These days, I've been really into playing games on my mobile phone. Last month, it was SIM City but this month, it's TownShip. It's a very fun social game that I heard about from the YouTuber, Zoella. I'm really glad I downloaded this game.

Favourite Movie
I have no words to explain how much I love this movie... It's so bad that I can't stop watching it.

Favourite Fragrance - Escada Magnetism

This sweet scented perfume was a gift and has been a major confidence booster this past month. It has a very sophisticated, yet powerful scent and that's exactly what I love about it


What were your favourite stuff from October, 2015?

Share them in the comments below, on facebooktwitterpinterest or even instagram.


This is You, This is Beautiful.
Stay True




  1. Replies
    1. Wow Ashley... I know the feeling. Thanks for visiting!

  2. This outfit is so stylish! I like how effortlessly it looks on you and how you combine pieces! This color combination is amazing!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thanks Diana. That's very nice of you to say.

  3. "Hello" was definitely only one day old when I made it my song of the month. Such a great ballad! Also, I enjoyed Age of Adeline!


    1. Wow... that's amazing that we have so much in common.


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